Bliss Electricals Pvt. Ltd

It started by a technocrat with about 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing of LV Switchgear products across pan India. The idea was to offer Indian customers, technically superior but specialized products from across the world at reasonable prices.

Rotary Cam switches and Load Break Switches from Kraus & Naimer, Austria were the first such product group. Although, generally, Rotary Cam switches are perceived as a low technology product but Kraus & Naimer switches offer so much specialization into it that this product happens to be NUMBER ONE even today… across the world!!! Kraus & Naimer is incorporated in 1907… So it’s now continuing for 112 years.

To add to the product basket, Automatic Transfer switches were added in 2014-15 from Vitzrotech, South Korea. This company started in 1955, having entire range of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear products and is NUMBER TWO Company in South Korea. Vitzrotech ATS are being manufactured since 1995 and are exported to the US, Europe, Middle East and Asian countries. All the types of ATS ie Open Transition or Closed Transition are SOLENOID operated. Due to this reason, it has an edge over other brands and are getting faster acceptance in India market.

Bliss Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is also tied up with Camsco, Taiwan for their SOLENOID operated ATS for ratings below 63A and 4000A-5000A and for all ratings into “MAINTENANCE BYPASS” ATS.

With this, today, Bliss Electricals Pvt. Ltd. can offer any type of ATS upto 5000A but all SOLENOID Operated!!!!!!

To support excellent product range, our sales and service network is widely spread across PAN India. We have our network in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi. Today Bliss Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is proud to have it’s sales and service network TRUELY across PAN India.